Saturday, June 6, 2015

@Seesaw The new kid on the block.

This is one of those times when everything just came together. I found out about the release of this great looking App called @Seesaw +Seesaw & Shadow Puppet and looked into it. I loved its ease of use and what I could see from the beginning was going to be fun and simple classroom application. I introduced it to a group of kids in my class and we began to use it. They loved it and started discussing how else we could use it in class. They automatically loved the simple layout and features, friendly clean look and the fact that adding work was so simple compared to other Apps and Web sites that we were currently using such as Blogger. I got a bit scared as we had spent a good chunk of time getting the class blog set up and schooling all the students how to upload and edit etc. Seeing the students use Seesaw though, I could instantly see that this was going to be hard to beat. We are now a few weeks into using it and the kids have just blown me away with their enthusiasm, passion and ability to add thier work for others to see. My favourite part of the App has to be its simplicity but also the fact that Students voice has never been stronger. Anytime they add work they can write, draw or record info about their work and give it real purpose and meaning.

This is going to be an App that sticks around and continues to grow so check it out now and get on board now. I look closely at a lot of Apps and this one just ticks so many boxes. Teachers best friend and Parents will love the work piling up for them to check out and explore too.

I am lucky enough to be a Seesaw ambassador now and I am thrilled to promote @Seesaw with everyone I know but in particular with teachers. Lets make life easy, use Seesaw and it will happen for you and your students.