Wednesday, September 5, 2012

iPad/iPod Help Desk

These are useful hints and tips when using iPads and iPods. 

Notifications  - Swipe finger down from the middle of your screen at the very top (where the clock is) to reveal any notifications i.e. emails, messages or in app notifications. It is a lot easier than having to open multiple apps etc to check. 

Screenshots - You can take a screenshot at anytime using the iPad. You simply just need to press the Home button (The only button on the Front Face) and the Sleep/Power button which is located on the top TOGETHER. The image below shows the 2 buttons. All screen shots are saved straight into your camera roll. Brilliant and easy. 

Keyboards - The keyboard on the iPad is designed for all user types from 1 finger touch typist to thumb typists. Not only does the keyboard spin to fit either landscape or portrait mode but it can be split and undocked to suit your needs and speed. 

There are two ways to change the keyboard display. 1st simply hold down the Keyboard button (shown below) and you can select your option or you can pinch and un-pinch your thumb and first finger over the keyboard to see it split automatically. The Thumb typing mode is brilliant when you are having to hold the iPad and type at the same time. 

When the keyboard has been undocked, you can then hold the Keyboard button and move the keyboard anywhere you like on the screen : )

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