Monday, January 28, 2013

1 To 1 Roll Out

On Feb 4th we start back at school. Summer was one of the best ever and it is going to be hard going back to school, but it is going to be an excitinf time for me and my wonderful students in Room 8...We are going to be one of if not the first Northland classroom to go 1 to 1 with Apple iPads. This is now becoming a slightly mind bending challenge.

-Where do I begin?
-What will work ?
-What wont work ?
-Saving, Cloud, App use, sharing, Blogger ??? There is so much to think about. One step at a time though as for most of these kids it is new technology and a new experience for them and ME. One that I am very excited to be a part of! Bring on 2013.

This is something that I will show the students. A timely reminder for myself as well.

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  1. When you set up your 1:1 iPad class, what training/advice/help did you give parents of children with iPads on security/settings/downloading/digital citizenship etc? David (


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