Monday, March 4, 2013

Twitter Wall

Today we began our "Twitter Wall" this is a way to promote positive comments and engagement within the classroom and between our students. It's interactive, engaging and teachers many skills.


  1. Netiquette - Teaching students about the correct behaviour for using online sites and social media. This is the most engaged and interactive I have seen these kids. The comments they have been posting have blown me away and made them feel good about each other too. Keep it up wonderful Room 8.

  2. Hi Ben, this looks awesome. Would you be able to explain how this works in your classroom? Do the children have their own twitter card and use it to write encouraging words to others?


    1. Thanks for the positive comment. Each child has their own twitter card and either responds to a post that I have posted or responds and talks to each other. Great way for shy students to have a voice without talking. Tweets got longer and discussions became really fun. Became awesome when students would post about each others work though. Success.


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