Thursday, October 17, 2013

TERM 4 - Where has the year gone ?

Welcome back to Term 4. It has just flown by. I am so excited to get started with our ART and TOPIC work this term as it is completely student driven and controlled. Already we have spoken about the focus of our KidQuiry unit and the students have started to think about areas that they are passionate about, things they would like to learn, thinking about how and where they could make a difference.

What do we want to do?
How do you think we will do this?
What might we need?
Who are we targeting? 
Am I going to need any help outside of school? 
Are we making a difference to ourselves?
Are we making a difference to our homes and school?
Are we making a difference to or community? 

The students are going to be immersed into an environment that they are not used to i.e. the level of control but they will thrive as what they are learning about, they are passionate about. . 

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