Monday, June 24, 2013

Hands on Homework - Week 8 Task

This task is to share our love of books and writing with others. For this task we will be sharing with the students in Kotahi Kowhai and Rooms 18 and 19. 
We will start the task in class with Mr Ward and complete it as our Hands on Homework for the week. 

You will be creating FUN, SIMPLE, EXCITING, FUNNY picture books using our new app, Book Writer. We will save the books as ePub books in our iBooks library and then we will share them with the Year 0/1 students and save them into their class iPad libraries. 

1). Learn the app - Don't worry it's easy to use and Mr Ward is pretty clever and quick at explaining things. 

2). Explore books that the Year 0/1 students love to read to help us with our own ideas. 

3). Brainstorm your ideas and get an idea of what you may be writing about.

4). Begin creating your new book. You have all week, BUT you need to put good thought into it. These kids want to read some great stories. 


Assessment TASK - How could we decide on the best books/stories ? Let me know.

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