Sunday, August 26, 2012

Artful Websites

These are the websites, blogs and inspiration for Art that I have found very useful. Ideas should come easy !

We Heart Art - This is a one stop site for brilliant art ideas for in the classroom. Broken down into lessons by media or grade with tips and images of the completed artwork produced by students.

Keep Calm and Carry On - Make your own posters and publish live to the web or social media site. You can also turn your poster idea into your own souvenir, t-shirt or printed poster.

The Art Room - Another fantastic site with a heap of great art ideas for all levels. Explore away.

Tagxedo - If you have ever used Wordle then you will appreciate the brilliant level that Tagxedo takes word cloud creation to. Take any group of words and turn it into a visually stunning picture. Not as easy to use as Wordle, but the outcome is far more effective.

Wordle - Wordle is a site for creating word clouds. The cloud gives greater prominance to words that appear more often. You can tweak the cloud with different fonts, layouts, colours etc. The Wordle you create can be printed, saved and shared.

Fine Lines - Fine Lines is not as easy to navigate around than the other sites that I have recommended, but the ideas that you will come across are just as awesome. 

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