Sunday, August 26, 2012

William Morris - Inspired Art

The Olympics were a perfect opportunity to try out some new art ideas. We looked at an artist and textile designer known as William Morris "" who lived in the late 18th century. His company Morris & Co. still produces textiles today. In a lot of his artwork we noticed repetition and rotation of the same objects. We decided that this would be our focus for our own Olympic inspired artwork.

We searched for an image from the London Olympics that we thought looked interesting and that we thought had the potential to look weird, strange or brilliant when it was rotated and repeated.

 We then imported the image into Pages where we masked any part of the image we wanted removed. We looked at masking the image so that in had "Points or Places" were the image would meet up again.

The next step was to duplicate the image before vertically and horizontally flipping them until we had a wallpaper in the style of William Morris.

Some images gave a better effect than others, but my students were really happy with the end result.

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