Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pukenui Forest - Kamo's Hidden Treasure

WOW is the best word to describe Northlands largest protected piece of Forest. Just up Three Mile Bush Rd. It is safe, and easy to walk through and is home to native kiwi, gecko, weta, bird and bat.

The kids listening to Gerry and looking at the skulls of predators he had to show. 

The wonder Gerry who shared all his wisdom and knowledge of the bush and animals that live within it. 

Gerry with the Kiwi egg.

A female stick insect that we found on the forest floor. 

The rodent trap. Hopefully it catches stoats, possum and rats. 


  1. Great that Room 8 and 9 had such an exciting day in this forest.E Soich

  2. What a fantastic day with Room 8. My favourite thing in the forest was the rodent trap, especially when Gerry set it off and gave us all a big fright!

  3. Great looking at your photos Room 8. You have inspired us to have a go. We hope we can be as good at blogging as you are. We might need your help sometimes.


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