Monday, September 9, 2013

MInecraft Challenge No.2 - Space

After a very successful Minecraft Challenge at the beginning of Term 3, we have decided to use Minecraft again as a teaching/learning tool. We are coming to the end of our Space Unit and WE (highlighting the fact that students were part of the decision making process) wanted to do something fun to end with. We decided that we should create an ultimate spacecraft to fly through space in. We have coupled this with the key competencies of Collaboration, Creation and Co-operation so this has turned into a group challenge. I have a appointed a group leader who created the Minecraft World and oversees the production. The rest is totally up to the imagination of the group. 

We are governed by 2 rules (RULES suck my students will tell you) 1). Work must only be done as a group, NO individual after hours work. 2). No visiting other Worlds as we want the Space Craft to be a total surprise. 

I can't wait for the finished results as what I saw on Day 1 was amazing. MORE posts to FOLLOW...

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